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Band Tees, The Hot New Celebrity Trend!

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Celebrity Trends - Band Tees 


Band Tees are the hottest new celebrity trend, but do the celebs wearing them have any clue who these bands are?

Lets check out some celebs in Band Tees and see what you think...

What is the likelihood of Holly Madison actually listening to Iron Maiden? This tee may be more of a fashion statement for Hugh Hefner’s former number one girl. 

For festivals, band tees are great and they can be seen in their thousands at various different events. However, we believe that there is 1 key rule to wearing a Bands Tee - Know their music!

As you can see above, Olivia Wilde has managed to work a Led Zeppelin tee into a white caped suit which is questionable to say the least. Ultimately, Olivia may indulge in some rock music at times but we wonder if Kendall Jenner knows who Angus Young is?


She was also seen in a Slayer tee.


We doubt she knew who Slayer Guitarist Gary Holt was, until he had this response...


Then there was the time that Kendall tweeted this 
















Yet she seems to have a different band tee for everyday of the week! Lol

Her sister Kylie Jenner also has a love for band tees. Below she is wearing a Marilyn Manson T-shirt. Do you think she owns his latest album or is the only common denominator here that they both wear lipstick? Maybe he was the inspiration for her make up brand Kylie Cosmetics! 


What are your thoughts?


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