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History Of The Band Tee

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History Of The Band Tee

There is probably no piece of casual wear more iconic than the t-shirt. Since they emerged as outerwear in the 1950s t-shirts have been dressed up and dressed down, from plain white tees to tie-dye. But t-shirts are at their coolest when they are paired with rock n roll music.  

The first concert t-shirt manufacturing company appeared in 1960s, by the name of Winterland Productions. The trend soon caught on, and during the 1970s most rock n roll bands began selling screen-printed t-shirts at their shows to help pay for some of the costs associated with touring. Some of these vintage band tees sell now for huge amounts of money! 

The great thing about a concert tee is that it is tied in with a memory. Every time you wear the shirt you are reminded of seeing the band play, of the sights and sounds and the people you went with.

  Axl Rose - Guns N Roses, wearing a Rollings Stones T-Shirt in 1980s.

These days you don't have to wait until you catch a band live to get one of their tees. Band tees, especially for very well-known groups, are mass produced and carried in major retailers around the world. Reproductions of famous vintage band tees are also printed and sold as anything from luxury brands to fast fashion.







Vintage band tees look great almost any way you style them. Dress them up, dress them down. They're perfect with a simple pair of jeans, or you can toughen up your look with black leather pants and boots. Whichever way you choose, be sure to pair it with a bit of attitude! 

Die-hard fans of a band often look down on anyone who wears their idol's t-shirts without being familiar with their work. They believe that this cheapens the band's image and, perhaps, feel that their own elite status as a fan is challenged by non-fans making their favorite band more mainstream. To most fans, wearing a band's t-shirt is staking a claim as a fan, so someone wearing the shirt “just because they liked it” is an offense.


However, with the prevalence of the band tee in our current fashion, it's unlikely that this clash will end any time soon.   

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